Explore the host country’s contributions to design

In celebration of the World Cup, we explore the host country’s contributions to design. Specifically looking at how Brazil uses color, form and distinct materials to create their unique style. Perhaps one of the most identifiable traits of Brazil is its use of vivid color. From the Canary Yellow used in its World Cup jersey […]

First class at lexington grand Lexington Showroom

But it’s surely a lovely refresh – a fashionable nod to the turning of the seasons, transforming the Danish manufacturer’s premium wireless headphone and two of their portable speakers with two new limited edition colors inspired by the Danish coastline. It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable [...]

The Best High Heel Protectors for Every Occasion

If you’ve ruined more than one of your high heels when facing the elements in everyday life, you’re not alone. And although it would be great to use our stilettos as mere occasional props, a “wear only while sitting” rule is not a practical solution for protecting them from nicks & rips! So in the […]