This template is quite simple, but still ensures the uniqueness of the living room. Cross-legged combination with dark-colored carpet is a reasonable and economical choice but still very good, right!

This model is really easy, just the blocks of wood with the low height and the scientific layout can make your house unique, but not many people are able to play with the poison Where is this? Do you dare to play?

Pretty creative desk pattern, combining wood panels, iron wheels and fur mats. Surely your friends and relatives will admire your creativity.

This is a wooden table model, created from 6 wine barrels combined with each other, quite unique patterns to create accents, relatively easy to make and save.

Which table model can be simpler? As long as the logs are closed together, you don’t even need to paint varnish or varnish. This is an extremely unique table model, suitable for classic style. Create a feeling of nature close and extremely sure.
Just make 2 more beautiful wood grain cutting boards, combined with glossy paint colors, you already have this unique type of table already. Simple, poisonous, and slightly awkward.

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