Stairs are always a unique highlight in modern interior design, most of them are combined with lighting systems to highlight its exquisite design. This is the topic mentioned many times but the idea for it is still very rich.
Discover more new and stylish lighting design ideas for the following stairs:

A modern approach to a classic design. The hanging ladder is “insured” by attaching itself to the walls and inserting backlight lamps – back lights – in the middle of each step, becoming a key detail. The selection of materials in this case is also very interesting, combining marble and metal.
Backlight lamps can also be used in many different ways. For example, this concrete staircase is only illuminated on one side and the dark shade of yellow mixed with the perfect “imported” orange nuance with the gray board.

Looking at this picture may make you think that the thin light strip on the wall, adjacent to the staircase is just a reflection of light through the glass wall. In fact, it is an artificial feature, designed to further beautify the minimalist shape of the staircase.

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