Model of wooden table, combined with blue Epoxy resin, some high quality standard versions can combine phosphrescent, help glow at night, after being polished, it feels like an ocean right in your home . It’s unique, isn’t it!

The round table is made from a round wooden block and glass surface, the highlight of this model is that your desk looks very natural, suitable for the classic decoration style, the dark color of the living room. Not too picky but to have a table like this you have to have a big round log.

This sample table is quite creative and unique. At first glance, it is easy to manipulate, but it is quite elaborate, the selection of logs to combine, make sure they create a plane when placing a toughened glass is an art. Combining dark colors and diversity from the shape of logs, what else could be more unique?

This model is not simple at all, the combination of different dimensional wood logs, dark colors, combining scratches creates a strong, classic, long-lasting beauty for this table.

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