In the old times the only light in the evening was that from candles, it was romantic and mysterious. Today with all those lamps, LEDs, all types of lights possible which also double as other objects we forgot candles but designer Kazuya Koike didn’t. Inspired by candles, the designer created a collection of modern lamps that remind us of candle light.

The Pit collection of lighting objects are a minimalist take on familiar fragments from the candle world! Stripped to the very basic necessities, each design has a simple silhouette that looks great in a variety of places, modern or classic, from the desk top to the wall. The main unit was designed in simple shape without decorations to make it easy to coordinate with other selectable parts as one’s favorite color combinations.

The cord is actually designed to be mixed and matched, so you can use different cords with different bases depending on your needs and desired aesthetic. Designated as type A, B, C or D, each is available in colors of rust, green and steel as well as paired with vibrant, interchangeable cords that complete the design’s modern, playful look. There are several LED bulbs quite close to the light of the filament bulb. If you chose these types of light, your room could be in a nice nostalgic mood.

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