There are many different types of skin and each type of skin has its own skin care options. Therefore, knowing the characteristics of the skin and determining the type of skin, will help you choose the right acne cleanser. With this, Male Cosmetics will help you do that

• Normal skin: Skin is usually quite tolerant, the skin has smooth characteristics, small pores and less oily skin, naturally bright skin.
• Oily skin: The skin is always greasy, pores are large and often pimples. Besides, areas where the nose, chin, cheeks often appear many bran and blackheads.
• Dry skin: the skin often produces less lubricant so the skin lacks moisture and is often dry and flaky.
• Combination skin: is a skin type with many characteristics of oily skin and dry skin with the T-shaped area usually shiny and the remaining skin is usually dry. This is also the type of skin that acne easily produces the most.
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