Unique Japanese Style

With believers of Japanese style, certainly not many people are unfamiliar with Japanese household furniture like this. Modern Japanese furniture styles favor the simplicity but still very elegant and bold Asian. Decoration is not cumbersome with slightly deep tones, simple things are always the principle of this style. Every single thing in Japanese space seems […]

Sample Table

Model of wooden table, combined with blue Epoxy resin, some high quality standard versions can combine phosphrescent, help glow at night, after being polished, it feels like an ocean right in your home . It’s unique, isn’t it! The round table is made from a round wooden block and glass surface, the highlight of this […]

Blade and Body

Bryan Wong and Chengtao Yi have conceived the Zirconia Sharpener, a pencil sharpener made with a beautiful and durable material that offers a smooth sharpening experience. The blade and body are made from zirconia and fused into a single unibody block. By utilizing zirconia’s material property, the blade doesn’t need to be changed, thus creating […]