Ascender Postcards Use

• Don’t flatten your layers or image before saving – this will reduce the quality of your print. • Don’t add additional bleed or print/crop marks to your files. Only work with the set out marks offered by our Artwork Guidelines. • Save your files as a PDF/X-1a:2001, ensuring you have No Printers Marks selected. […]

Wooden Pencil House

Wooden tables are the type of furniture used quite popular today. The elegance and durability have made wooden tables conquer the majority of customers, including the most fastidious people. Please join Moc Furniture to consult some unique wooden table designs below for more options to suit your home space. The style of standing table is […]

Minimalist Lamps

In the old times the only light in the evening was that from candles, it was romantic and mysterious. Today with all those lamps, LEDs, all types of lights possible which also double as other objects we forgot candles but designer Kazuya Koike didn’t. Inspired by candles, the designer created a collection of modern lamps […]