But it’s surely a lovely refresh – a fashionable nod to the turning of the seasons, transforming the Danish manufacturer’s premium wireless headphone and two of their portable speakers with two new limited edition colors inspired by the Danish coastline.

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Beoplay A1 – Designed by Bang & Olufsen’s Cecilie Manz, the A1 is one of our favorite ultra-portable Bluetooth speaker designs intended to be taken anywhere, a reputation bolstered by its impressive 24 hours of playback, and the robust sound emanating from its diminutive puck-shaped dimensions (two A1s can be paired and they’ve somehow engineered a 2 x 30W Class D amp to fit within). The A1 expands its color palette from four to six with the addition of Aloe and Steel Blue options.

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Beoplay P2 – The pill-shaped Bluetooth speaker stands out with a unique shake-and-tap control system. Also designed by Cecilie Manz, the P2 is rated for 10 hours of playback and is now offered in Teal for SS/2018.

Take Beoplay P2 with you wherever you go, all thanks to splash and dust resistant drivers inside the speaker and a tightly sealed casing of aluminium and polymer. And weighing in at a very light 275 grams, it fits easily in your pocket or bag.

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